Forex Money Management

9 – Forex Money Management

To be successful in forex trading, you need to cultivate attitude of patience, adequate training and be quick to adapt to the fast-changing market conditions. A lot of traders lose their invested funds because they are inexperienced and this makes them overlook forex management ideology.

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Forex market is highly volatile and very risky. To avoid the risks, forex traders must learn and practice proper management technique. Just like other types of trading, what works for an individual may not work for the other! It may differ depending on what the individual trader’s interests are.

If you are a novice trader, irrespective of your personality, to succeed and last long in the market, you ought to begin to trade in smaller lots. You need a proper trading plan. A proper trading plan will help you to know when to enter the market, when to exit the market, the currency pair to trade, and the appropriate management tips for your invested funds.

Tips that help you ensure proper management of your money includes the following :

Learn, Practice and be patient

Take time and make an analysis. Don’t jump into trades without any adequate backing for your trade. Make a trading plan and stick with it always. Cultivate the attitude of maintaining your forex trading journal always. This will give you an overview of your accounts, outcomes of individual trades you make and your overall trade analysis over a specified period.

Have enough capital to trade and only risk what you can afford to lose

Forex trading is full of risk. Never try to risk fund that you cannot afford to lose. Trade with your risk capital and avoid dealing with the fund you need for significant home expenditures like mortgage or rent and food allowance to take care of you and your household.

Avoid fear and greed

Never allow greed to control your trading activities. You can make wrong trading decisions if you allow greed to take the upper hand. Successful trading doesn’t entail always placing a winning trade; it is much more about opening trade at the right time and closing it at the right time. You may have to close a trade untimely if it is not working in your favor.

Try to be always disciplined and follow proper forex management strategies. Doing this will assist you to be in a better position to boost your trading. Greed results in many risky trading mistakes like overtrading, taking excessive risk and failure to take profits at right levels.

To guard against greed, develop a strategy to manage the emotion when it arises.

Use decent take profit and stop loss value ratios

Make use of stop-losses for all your trade positions. Stop-loss orders protect your money from an unanticipated effect of currency fluctuation rate. Given the risk involved in forex trading and the likelihood of a loss occurring, you must never invest more than two percent of your account balance at any given time. Their many forms of stops you can apply in forex trading. The way you put your stop-loss will depend on your individuality and experience.

Have a solid Forex trading plan

Create a Forex trading plan and ensure you always comply with it. Your forex plan will contain your money management procedures. A forex trading plan will assist you to control your emotions and provide you don’t overtrade. Your trading place will stipulate your entry and exit strategies and let you know when you take your profits or limit your losses without any influence of the emotion of fear or greed. This makes you disciplined and helps to boost your trading success.

Estimate your possible risks

Estimate the risk involves the trading procedure. If your likelihoods of making profit are small compared to that of your benefit, you must exit the trade. Forex trading calculator can help you to calculate risks more accurately.

Protective Stops

Make use of the theory of protective stops. Protective stop in the forex market is a good way to boost money management. Protective stops are stop-losses that result in proceeds.

Never trade excessively with Leverage

As a novice trader, you must be wary of using high leverage. Only make use of leverage when it is clear in your mind about the possible loss. Leverage is one of the benefits of the Forex market. It can assist you to attain more, but it can as well affect you negatively. You must, therefore, be very careful when making use of leverage.

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